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Welcome to dhoomparty , your ultimate destination to aggrandize small moments of joy, happiness, success, achievements, milestones, memories, anniversaries and birthday celebrations that constitute our lives. This is a platform for each one of us to create magic in our celebrations big and small with some small assistance in organization from us. We partner you in bringing to life each of these big and small celebrations by offering you services that enable the conduct and hosting of a memorable party. We offer the best in class services for hosting and organizing an event from concept to commission by adhering to your tastes, preferences, timing and budget. Irrespective of the type of party or celebration that you want to host, our people engage in conversations with you while listening to the exact type and patter n of celebration that you want. To this extent we offer services for strategic, tactical, logistical, material, budgetary and planning support so that you get to focus on entertaining the people. We stay behind the screens to offer completely customized services of all types of support that you want in hosting and organizing an event that is well within your operational control and has the grandeur of a once in a lifetime celebration. We offer our services of event hosting to both individuals and institutions. The reason or the context for throwing a party may be personal or professional. We cater to the requirements of both consumer and professional segments of celebrations. test